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Brand Introduction
Originality is headquartered in Taiwan. Today, originality has become the leading brand of global storage products. All products are designed, developed, produced, sold and sold by ourselves. In the original idea, we are adhering to the high quality product concept and provide professional customer service. As a customer centric company, in the face of changing market demand, creative has the ability to respond quickly to meet a wide variety of storage requirements. Original models offer more than 2000 products, product line covers memory, flash memory card, U disk, card reader, music player, mobile hard disk, SSD and industrial grade storage products, which can meet the needs of different groups of storage. Facing the change of modern high-tech lifestyle, originality leads the trend of the industry with bold technological innovations. Whenever it comes to digital storage, originality can satisfy all your needs.
Product Series
Memory, flash cards, mobile hard disk, SSD and industrial storage products
Application Areas
Consumer electronics, portable devices, communications / Networking Industry / Automation
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